# CaSS Getting Started Guide

# Installation and prep

# Follow our installation guide

Access the installation guide to get started installing CaSS.

# Familiarize yourself with our documentation

CaSS is an open source project. You can find information about the project on Github. We have multiple documentation sources for exploring your options for utilizing CaSS.

# CaSS on Github

Visit our Github (opens new window) to explore the code.

# Developer Guide

Access the developer guide (opens new window) for detailed getting started documentation.

# CaSS Official Documentation

Access the official documentation (opens new window) for detailed explanation on the moving parts of CaSS.

# Explore the interfaces

# CaSS Authoring Tools UI

CaSS Authoring tools provide easy to use interfaces for authoring your frameworks and managing your organizations competency frameworks. Get started by creating a user account.

# Join the community

# Subscribe to our Slack Channel

Request access to the CaSS Slack Channel (opens new window) to join the conversation.