API Docs for: 1.3.12

FrameworkImport Class

Importer methods to copy or link to competencies that already exist in another framework in a CASS instance.

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  • source
  • target
  • copy
  • serverUrl
  • owner
  • success
  • [failure]

Copies or links competencies that exist in one framework in a CASS instance, to another different framework in the same CASS instance.


  • source EcFramework

    Framework to copy or link the competencies from

  • target EcFramework

    Framework to add the copied or linked competencies to

  • copy Boolean

    Flag indicating whether or not to copy or link the competencies in the source framework

  • serverUrl String

    URL Prefix for the created competencies if copied

  • owner EcIdentity

    EcIdentity that will own the created competencies if copied

  • success Callback1>

    Callback triggered after succesfully copying or linking all of the competencies, returns an array of the new or linked competencies

  • [failure] Callback1 optional
                                        Callback triggered if an error occurred while creating the competencies