API Docs for: 1.3.12

ConditionManifest Class

credentialengine.org/ConditionManifest Set of constraints, prerequisites, entry conditions, or requirements maintained at the organizational and/or sub-organizational level. These conditions are intended to be referenced by external entities such as individual credentials in order to facilitate the process of their description and to reduce unnecessary duplication of data applicable across an array of entities.




http://purl.org/ctdl/terms/corequisite Credentials that must be pursued concurrently. Includes dual (double) degrees that cannot be earned independently of each other.



http://purl.org/ctdl/terms/ctid Globally unique Credential Transparency Identifier (CTID) by which the creator, owner or provider of a credential, learning opportunity competency, or assessment recognizes the entity in transactions with the external environment (e.g., in verifiable claims involving a credential). The CTID is the equivalent of a version identifier for the resource. Different versions of a resource are considered distinct expressions and each must be assigned its own CTID. Each version of a resource can have only one CTID assigned. However, a single version of a resource may have distinct identifier values for both the ctid property and the credentialId property. In such a case both identifiers will be recognized by the resource creator/owner/provider in transactions with the external environment.



http://purl.org/ctdl/terms/description Statement, characterization or account of the entity.



http://purl.org/ctdl/terms/entryCondition Prerequisites for entry into a credentialing program, a learning opportunity or an assessment including transcripts, records of previous experience, and lower-level learning opportunities.



http://purl.org/ctdl/terms/name Name or title of the entity.



http://purl.org/ctdl/terms/renewal Entity describing the constraints, prerequisites, entry conditions, or requirements necessary to maintenance and renewal of an awarded credential. Generally, renewal applies to certifications and licenses; however, it may occasionally apply to other types of credentials.



http://purl.org/ctdl/terms/subjectWebpage The webpage that describes this entity. The web page being referenced describes the entity. The value of subjectWebpage is an authoritative location for information about the subject but should not assumed to be a persistent identifier of the subject.