API Docs for: 1.3.12

AssertionProcessor Class

Processor used in Assertion Processing. Can estimate or determine competence of individuals.

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  • subject
  • competency
  • level
  • context
  • additionalSignatures
  • success
  • ask
  • failure

Asynchronously processes and provides an answer to the question: Does an individual hold a competency?


  • subject EcPk[]

    Public keys that identify the subject.

  • competency EcCompetency

    The Competency being inquired about.

  • level EcLevel

    The Level of the Competency at which the question is being asked.

  • context EcFramework

    The Framework in which to scope the inquiry.

  • additionalSignatures EbacSignature[]

    Additional signatures provided by an authority, used to request additional access on a one-time basis.

  • success Function(InquiryPacket)

    The method that is invoked when a decision has been reached.

  • ask String function(string)

    The method that is invoked when the assertion processor detects that it needs information. (Usernames, passwords, etc)

  • failure Function(string)

    The method that is invoked when the assertion processor has failed.